Meteorite Found?!! – June 23 AZ fireball

Jack Schraeder of Sierra Vista, AZ has reported finding a probable meteorite from June 23rds fireball over southern Arizona. He made his announcement of the find on the meteorite-list user group. A picture can be found at the Rocks From Space site.

According to the Rocks From Space site, the meteorite is a brecciated H chondrite weighing 155.6 grams (5.5 oz). It was found ~45 hours after the fall which corresponds to the evening of Thursday June 25. No info has been released on the location of the find or whether any additional meteorites have been found.


3 thoughts on “Meteorite Found?!! – June 23 AZ fireball

  1. Jim

    As of today (July 6) do you have any more specific location information about the several meteorites that have been found in the strewn field?

    1. Carl Hergenrother

      Hi Jim,

      The folks who found the meteorites have been very tight-lipped about its location. As a result, I do not know where the strewn field is located.

      – Carl

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