It was one year ago today …


Today marks one year since the start of this blog. Some fun facts about the past year:

Plans for year 2 include more comet images (and more comet info in general) and the expansion of the Tucson-based meteor system to include more all-sky fireball detection and the determination of meteor orbits.

I’d especially like to thank Bob Lunsford for contributing his nightly meteor observations. A hearty thanks to everyone who has been reading the blog and to those of you who have been leaving comments. I might not have continued blogging if it weren’t for the kind notes of encouragement and knowing that this information is being read by so many people. Thanks again…


6 thoughts on “It was one year ago today …

  1. Congratulations Carl! I have heard nothing but good concerning your site. I’m also happy to share my video data and hope that others find it interesting.

    Best Wishes for year #2!

    Bob Lunsford
    San Diego, CA

    1. Carl Hergenrother


      Thanks for your kind words and support.

      I can’t promise that I’ll be able to keep this up for the long run but I will try.

      If you have any suggestions on how to make this blog even better, let me know.

      Thanks again,
      – Carl

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